Does the TV box support WiFi?

Does the TV box support WiFi?

12. August 2018 0

Yes, and it can be used in an “emergency”.

But we discourage the use of WiFi for watching TV. It is Ok for small handheld devices, but due to the extremely variable performance, using WiFi when connected to a 50′ screen will produce deteriorated picture quality from time to time. It depends mainly on your installation, distance to the WiFi station, presence of metallic objects, etc.

We definitely recommend using a wired internet connection with an Ethernet (a.k.a. RJ45) cable. If you are unable to pull an Ethernet cable to the location of your box, we recommend the use of so-called Powerline plugs. They are relatively inexpensive, very easy to use (just plug them into your power outlet) and require no setup or maintenance. Powerline devices use your electrical wiring in the home to transport the Internet signal from your router/modem to the location of your TV PLUS box. They are made by Devolo, Fritz!, Netgear, Zyxel and many others and readily available in stores and online.

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