Does the TV box support Wi-Fi?

Does the TV box support Wi-Fi?

12. August 2018 0

Yes, and it can be used in an “emergency”.

But we don’t recommend using Wi-Fi for TV. For small screens on mobile devices, it’s fine to use Wi-Fi because they don’t have as much screen real estate. Because of the very high resolution demands of modern TVs, using Wi-Fi in conjunction with a 50-inch screen can result in poor picture quality at times. Mostly it depends on your installation, distance from the Wi-Fi station, presence of metal objects, etc.

In any case, we recommend an Internet cable connection with an Ethernet cable (also known as RJ45). If it is not possible for you to pull an Ethernet cable to the TV box location, we recommend using so-called powerline plugs. These are inexpensive, easy to use (just plug them into the wall socket) and require no configuration or maintenance. Powerline devices use the electrical wiring in your home to transport the Internet signal from the router/modem to the TV PLUS Box location. These are made by Devolo, Fritz!, Netgear, Zyxel and many others and are readily available in stores and online.

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