Easy. Connect. Enjoy.


Easy. Connect. Enjoy.

250+ TV channels, 140 in HD. 4K. 7-day Replay. Live Pause. Up to 1000h recording. 10’000+ Radio Stations & Podcasts. Video on Demand with 5000+ Movies & TV Shows. YouTube. Netflix, Sky. Web-Radio with over 30’000 radio stations and podcasts.


Immediate and free activation: as soon as you connect the TV PLUS Box at home after online purchase it is already activated automatically. No passwords, no hassle.

Very simple installation: connect just 3 cables and everything works.


Very simple operation, intuitive navigation. Informative on-screen guide with all details about the shows. Channel switching time is typically only 0.4 seconds – faster than the others.


Pause up to 24h. Easily fast-forward or rewind from anywhere in the show. Fast reaction times to the commands.

Quickly search for desired content to watch. Find more episodes of a current show with a single keystroke. 2-dimensional main menu, channel list with Now / Next information, 3 personalized favorite channel lists. Play your own videos, music or photos from your local network in the Media Center. Simply cool.


We will send you our new, powerful, super-small TV Box. No fans, noiseless, minimum power consumption. Few connections: power, HDMI to TV and Ethernet for the Internet.

Clear and easy layout of the remote control. A learning function is included. You can use only the single TV PLUS remote for both the TV box and your TV! Explainer videos


Easy to read Electronic Program Guide. Select any show not older than 7 days and watch it immediately or record it, record even past shows.

Find and record any show in the next 7 days. Fast Guide navigation without waiting times. Any number of shows can be recorded simultaneously. All recordings stay on our cloud server forever and can be played by any of the maximum 5 TV Boxes, even at the same time.

Bring freedom to your home…

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Easy. Connect. Enjoy.

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