System Status

 Sat. 12 February, 2022 / 16:00h  Issues with the channel SRF Zwei were resolved.

 Sat. 12 February, 2022 / 09:15h  Due to technical difficulties, the channel SRF Zwei may be temporarily unavailable. Our team is currently working to resolve the issue.

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How can I best help myself?

If you have a problem with TV PLUS television, please first check the System Status at the top of this page. If no global problems are currently reported there, then it is probably an individual issue. To solve the issue, we recommend doing the following steps first:

1) Check that the indicator light on the TV Box is solid blue and not blinking or red.
2) Check that all connection cables at the TV Box and at its other end are secure and not kinked or damaged.
3) Restart the TV Box(es) by unplugging the power cord and plugging it back in.
4) Reboot the internet router by unplugging the power cord and plugging it back in.
5) Check whether Internet access is available at the location of the TV Box(es). The best thing to do is to unplug the internet cable from the TV box, connect a laptop to it and type in “” in the browser. Wait for the result and make sure that the internet connection is not interrupted and has at least 10Mbps download speed (we recommend at least 30Mbps) and at least 5Mbps upload speed. Repeat this test 3-4 times. If there is no Internet connection or the measurements are too low, then the installation, the cabling and possibly the Internet router must be checked.
6) If there is no picture and/or sound, check the settings of the TV set, in particular the currently selected HDMI input.
7) If the TV Box is only connected via WiFi, we recommend switching to wired internet connection. A WLAN connection can have large fluctuations and is often not sufficient for good TV reception, although you can use it to send e-mails or surf the Internet without any problems.
8) You should also ask the Internet provider whether there are currently any known problems.

If this has not led to an improvement, then we ask for the following important information, which is best submitted via the “chat bubble” at the bottom of the website:

1) The so-called MAC number of the TV Box(es). This is located on the underside of the TV box.
2) A description of the problem that is as precise as possible, with time, channel, show information, etc. Every detail can be important for troubleshooting.
3) Be as specific as possible about the time when the problem occurs.
4) Description of the operating steps that lead to the problem.
5) Photos of the TV screen so that the issue is visible in the photo.

We will then start troubleshooting and get back to you as soon as possible, or we will inform your handler.