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Choose between 3 attractive TV-only Starter Packages. Each Package includes everything you need to start enjoying TV PLUS.

TV PLUS TV works with any Internet provider!


CHF 15.90 / mo.

  • LITE Package cost: CHF 99.90
  • Monthly subscription charged from the first month on
  • No replay/recording/pause functionality and no mobile or web TV apps
  • Aimed at customers who only watch TV occasionally
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CHF 31.90 / mo.

  • TOP Package cost: CHF 131.80
  • 3 monthly subscriptions included in the Package, billing starts from the 4th month on
  • Replay/Recording/Pause functionality included. Ad Skipping available on certain channels.
  • Includes iOS & Android Apps and Web TV App
  • For the most discerning customer


180 TV channels in the basic subscription, 115+ in HD. Over 250 channels including all options. Access to Video on Demand with 5000+ Movies & TV Shows via sky or Netflix. 10’000+ Radio stations & Podcasts. YouTube, Netflix, sky Sport, sky Show, PlaySuisse App and a Media Center.

The first TV Box is included in each package, and the box is yours if you cancel.

English and Turkish Language packages and additional TV Boxes can be ordered from your user account.

No risk: you can cancel monthly at no cost after the first 3 months!

LITE Package Features:

With the LITE TV Subscription you can use up to 5 TV Boxes at the same time in your account in Switzerland.

Replay/Recordings/Pause functions and all Apps are active for 30 days from the date of order so you can test them. After that, these functions are automatically deactivated. You can switch to CLASSIC or TOP subscription at any time.  learn more

CLASSIC & TOP Packages additionally  include:

With the CLASSIC and TOP TV Subscriptions you can use up to 5 TV Boxes, 3 mobile Apps and 1 Laptop/PC App at the same time in your account in Switzerland, up to a total of 9 streams at the same time!

7-day Replay. Live Pause. Recordings and Series Recordings.  learn more

TV PLUS 4.0 with great features

TV PLUS 4.0 is a simple to use, complete TV Package with live TV, video on demand and much more. TV PLUS is easy to order and easy to install.

Cool new Replay feature: easily find shows to watch by genre or by date. Extended Recordings: find Recordings by genre and sort them by date or by title. Record your favorite Series with one button click.


iOS&Android Mobile Apps and Web TV App

Our range of cool mobile and Web TV apps now complements the TV Boxes.

Watch live TV, Replay or your recordings on the go. Start watching on the train and complete your movie at home on the big screen. Manage your recordings from the office.

Available for your iPhone, iPad and your favorite browser. go to apps

New regulations for Replay TV

The TV industry in Switzerland has reached a new industry agreement regarding Replay TV. To continue offering the popular Replay TV option, we – the entire TV industry – have decided on a compromise solution under this new industry agreement.

A number of Swiss TV channels are switching to “Dynamic TV advertising” on Replay, which cannot be skipped. The subscriber can in turn skip the so-called linear advertising, also known as “advertising blocks”. The dynamic advertising will be shorter than these advertising blocks.

The new regulations have come into effect in the beginning of October 2022. TV PLUS has joined the new industry agreement and now offers a new subscription “TV PLUS TOP” at a price of 31.90/month, which does not show the new dynamic advertising and allows to skip the ad blocks with one click. With this subscription, your TV experience with the participating channels (mainly private channels) is largely free of advertising. For the popular “CLASSIC” subscription, the price remains the same and new dynamic advertising will be shown only on the participating channels.

LEARN MORE in the FAQs how does it look?

TV never felt so free!

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TV PLUS is the TV for Switzerland.

You can cancel monthly after the first 3 months of your subscription.  You even keep the TV PLUS Box. You are free to select any Internet provider you want.

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100% Freedom

5 TV Boxes. 1 Subscription.  In your living room, your bedroom, your kid’s room or in the holiday home, anywhere in Switzerland. Also for people new to Switzerland.

Your TV PLUS TV is always there, when, where and with anyone you want.

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