Internet & Telephony

Other Internet & Telephony Providers

In addition to the TV PLUS Television and Internet services, you may wish to find an independent Internet provider and/or a Telephony provider. TV PLUS works with several partners who provide these services.

TV PLUS is not associated with these companies. We provide this information in order to give you an easy access to services delivered by third parties. You will have to contact them and make contractual arrangements with them directly. When you click on any of the links below, the partners may be informed that you were referred by TV PLUS.


XL Internet, XS Price.

Are you looking for an affordable Internet provider to use with TV PLUS? InterXS is the cheapest provider of DSL- and Fiber Internet and fixed telephony in Switzerland. You can start with a 2-in-1 Pro package (minimum required speed for TV PLUS) from 32.45 CHF per month. With the new Pay-as-you-go model, InterXs now offers a contract-free internet subscription. The same quality and service, but without a permanent contract so the service can be terminated on a monthly basis. Look at the overview above for the details of the prices and conditions. Ideal for people staying temporarily in Switzerland. Visit InterXs for more information about this and other packages.


Voice over IP Solutions for Telephony

peoplefone was founded in 2005 and is one of the leading VoIP providers in Switzerland. The peoplefone group has subsidiaries in 6 European countries. Currently, more than 60’000 businesses and private customers all over Europe make phone calls through peoplefone systems. peoplefone is a telecom operator and works with over 800 installation partners throughout Switzerland. In addition, peoplefone is certified by all known PBX manufacturers. peoplefone offers customized SIP-TRUNK and HOSTED solutions, unlimited number of voice channels, number porting of Swiss and international telephone numbers, as well as competitive telephone rates without connection setup fees.