TV PLUS Internet

The TV PLUS Internet

TV PLUS offers you fast fiber optic & DSL Internet anywhere in Switzerland. Surf on the fastest network in Switzerland, watch TV PLUS TV and benefit from our low prices.

Goes perfectly with our TV PLUS TV subscriptions!
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You can check the availability of Internet at your address easily during the ordering process. Then choose one of our Internet packages. Here’s what we offer:


The Internet subscription price for the first month is already included in the package. Later, the subscription price will be automatically charged every month.


Same as with the TV PLUS subscription, from the end of the first 3 months you can cancel monthly or change your subscription at any time. And, if you also order our TV PLUS TV, you can simply pay for everything with just one invoice.


The optimal router for internet access is also included. You pay a one-time price and you can keep the router later.


We recommend to include the router preconfiguration with your order. The router will be shipped to you preconfigured and ready to use. This option will be suggested to you during the ordering process.


Please check the Internet speeds available at your address.

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Internet Package VDSL 50

Most popular

CHF 39.95/ mo.

  • Internet ADSL/VDSL
  • Max. 50Mbit Downstream / 10Mbit Upstream

Internet Package VDSL 100

Most popular

CHF 45.95/ mo.

  • Internet VDSL
  • Max. 100Mbit Downstream / 20Mbit Upstream

Internet Package VDSL 500

Most popular

CHF 49.95/ mo.

  • Internet VDSL g.Fast
  • Max. 525Mbit Downstream / 130Mbit Upstream

Internet Package Fiber 100

Most popular

CHF 45.95/ mo.

  • Internet Fiber
  • 100Mbit Downstream / 100Mbit Upstream

Internet Package Fiber 500

Most popular

CHF 49.95/ mo.

  • Internet Fiber
  • 500Mbit Downstream / 500Mbit Upstream

Internet Package Fiber 1000

Most popular

CHF 55.95/ mo.

  • Internet Fiber
  • 1Gigabit Downstream / 1Gigabit Upstream
Why pay up to CHF 482.- too much for your TV and Internet?

Save up to CHF 482.- per year.

The price comparison

Comparison: 20. December 2021, excluding specials, for existing subscribers. 1 Gbit/s only where fiber connection available. *Salt: not available in many regions.

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TV PLUS works with any internet provider. You don’t need to cancel your existing internet provider until your contractual period runs out. Meanwhile, check out the TV PLUS Internet service.

How do I cancel my existing Internet subscription?

The best way is to contact your provider. Below are some useful templates for a letter of termination. In most cases, the termination after a use of more than a year is no problem. The notice period is usually 2-3 months. As soon as you have canceled, you will receive the shutdown date of the services of your current provider. Please make sure that you understand the terms and read the fine print.

Please note: The TV PLUS boxes also work with your current Internet subscription. You can immediately order the TV PLUS TV and use it until the notice period expires. You can also order the TV PLUS Internet as well. We will then send you the Internet router and your new internet will be activated by us at the end of the norice period. Thus you can avoid paying any termination costs of your current Internet provider.

Termination letter template (German)

router configuration

Did you order our internet package, but did not order the pre-configuration? The Internet access does not work? This is probably due to the configuration of the router. Here you can find more details about possible router configurations based on the FritzBox router.

xDSL router configuration

open pdf

Fiber router configuration

open pdf

Powerline helps when the cable is too short

If your TV Box is not in the same room as the Internet Router, we recommend a Powerline solution instead of WiFi.

The Powerline solution

Powerline adapters are relatively cheap, easy to use and do not need to be configured or maintained. Powerline adapters use the electrical wiring in your home to transport the Internet signal from the router / modem to the location of the TV PLUS Box. These are made by Devolo, Fritz !, Netgear, Zyxel and many others and are readily available in stores and online shops.

How to use?

Buy a pair of powerline devices.

Plug the first Powerline adapter into a power outlet near your router and connect the two with a LAN cable.

Plug the second Powerline adapter into a power outlet near your TV Box and connect the two with a LAN cable. That’s it!