There are competitors in the market. How is the TV PLUS offering different/unique?

There are competitors in the market. How is the TV PLUS offering different/unique?

13. August 2018 0

Absolutely, it is a good thing we have competitors, so the consumers can choose what’s best for them. There are basically 2 types of competitors (see the diagram below):

Services that use IPTV or DVB platforms like Swisscom, UPC, Sunrise and others. This means that the providers must have their own network, e.g. cable TV or TV over your telephone line. In Switzerland there are over 2 million households using these services. Here you have to contractually commit to at least 12 moths and have to buy all the services (TV, Internet, telephony) from the same provider. You are bound to your location and can not take their TV boxes with you somewhere else. You pay Fr. 100-140 on the average. With TV PLUS, you are independently able to buy your services and you pay 24.90 for TV PLUS and between Fr. 39 and 50 for the Internet to a smaller Internet service provider, saving about 50%.

Services that use OTT (Over the Top) platforms like Zattoo, Teleboy, Wilmaa, TV PLUS and others. OTT basically means that these services do not need an own network nor are they bound to one Internet provider. These providers have a lot of free subscribers, but only several tens of thousands of paying customers – mostly younger consumers who transition to more conventional TV-watching as they get older. In comparison, TV PLUS is a solution for people who don’t want to bother with installing apps and setting up the sometimes complicated SmartTVs or watching TV on a small phone screen. With TV PLUS, it is as simple as switching on and you are watching TV on a big screen instantly. We offer ease of use, TV, Youtube, Netflix and VoD all with the same (and only) remote control, 5 Boxes at the same time, 4K, Surround Sound.

We like to think that TV PLUS uses the best of the two worlds and combines their advantages to the benefit of the consumers