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TV PLUS is the new TV for Switzerland.

You can cancel monthly after the first 3 months.  You even keep the TV PLUS Box. You are free to select any Internet provider you want.

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Save half your costs

Save up to 50%.

The TV PLUS TV subscription including internet access and a landline number costs only

CHF 64.85 monthly.

Compared to other providers, you save up to 50% each month.

TV when and where you want it.

100% Freedom

5 TV Boxes. 1 Subscription. Almost limitless recording. In your living room, your bedroom, your kid’s room or in the holiday home, anywhere in Switzerland. Also for people new to Switzerland.

Your TV PLUS TV is always there, when, where and with anyone you want.

Bring freedom to your home…

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The new TV for Switzerland.

Everything is included:

Over 158 TV channels in the basic subscription, 75+ in HD. 7-day Replay. Live Pause. Almost unlimited recording. Video on Demand with 5000+ Movies & TV Shows. YouTube. Netflix.

Order the Starter Package:

Subscription CHF 24.90 / Month.

+ CHF 99.90 one time for the TV Box.

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No risk: you can cancel at no cost each month after the first 3 months!

Language packages and more TV boxes can be ordered as required: English, Croatian, Turkish, Bosnian, Polish. Options & Subscriptions

What our customers are saying:

First-class customer service!

Hello TV Plus Team, the payment worked perfectly.

Thank you for your super fast service! Thank you also for your attention. I can only say, keep up the good work with your great product and friendliness.

Kind regards, Beni S.

Bring freedom to your home…

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Only 24.90 CHF per month. No risk. Cancel anytime after 3 months.