How does Video on Demand work?

How does Video on Demand work?

16. August 2018 0

In the current TV PLUS offering you have 2 ways of enjoying VoD:

  1. The HollyStar service: your box is already registered at HollyStar. You don’t need to do anything. When you watch a movie you will be charged once a month for all the movies you have watched. You pay per view. There are no costs if you don’t watch anything.
  2. Netflix: you need to open a Netflix account if you don’t already have one, best done on your computer. Then you log in once on the TV box and you are ready to watch Netflix. You pay via your Netflix account which is separate from TV PLUS. You are paying a flat rate subscription and you can watch as much as you want according to the current business model of Netflix. You can cancel Netflix monthly.

You have the choice: pay per view or use pay a monthly flat rate fee. Or both.

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