TV PLUS Classic Subscription

TV PLUS Classic Subscription

CHF20.30 on the 1st of each month with a 2-month free trial

The TV PLUS Classic subscription includes 7 days Replay, Pause and Cloud recording. Dynamic advertising is shown on channels which participate in the new Replay Industry Agreement. Up to 5 TV Boxes, 3 iOS/Android Apps and one Web TV App can be used in the same TV subscription. You can cancel monthly after 3 months.

First payment: 1. August 2024


The TV PLUS Classic Subscription


  • 180 TV channels, over 115 are HD.
  • Swiss national and regional channels in all languages. Channels from Germany, Italy, France, UK and USA.
  • 7-days Replay on all channels.
  • Virtually unlimited recordings.
  • Our on Demand Service with over 5000 movies and TV series. YouTube, Netflix, PlaySuisse, etc. Media Center for playing your videos, music and photos. Webradio.
  • Access to iOS, Android and Web Apps

Minimum subscription is 3 months. You will be billed monthly. Afterwards you can cancel every month. If you cancel, you keep the TV Box and you still can use it for YouTube, Netflix and to play videos, music of watch slideshows from your own local network.

You can use up to 5 TV PLUS Boxes, 3 iOS Apps and one Web TV App in the same location, or in different locations anywhere within Switzerland.

An Internet connection with minimum 10Mbit/s download speed is required, 30-100Mbit/s is recommended. You are not bound to any Internet Service Provider.

For legal reasons, the TV PLUS service is only available within Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

For Netflix and other apps you are required to obtain an account separately. We recommend to use your computer or tablet to open an account and only to log in on the set-top box.