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What is TV PLUS?

TV PLUS is a sophisticated TV service for Switzerland. We offer over 200 TV channels, 7-day Replay on all channels and virtually unlimited recording. Super-fast channel switching, cool user interface, 4K quality, pause any time. Connect, press a button and watch TV!


Everything is simple

Everything is included! The TV PLUS subscription includes a nice TV PLUS box and all the features in one simple package. Video on Demand with 5000 movies and Series is on board. Optionally you can subscribe to several international language packages or buy more TV Boxes and use them all at the same time anywhere in Switzerland. To buy, go to our online shop, or visit one of our retail partners where you can test the TV Box and then take it home.


Your Benefits

The only offering including a TV Box on the market that is fully independent of the Internet provider: your Internet access can come from any provider you want. Low risk: you can cancel monthly after 3 months with no penalties & you even keep the TV PLUS box. Price savings of up to CHF 80.- / month or 48% are possible. Instant, free of charge service activation, and more…


Your Benefits

The good stuff

No obligation, no risk

The only offering without obligation on the market.

  • You are totally independent of any Internet providers.
  • Low risk: you can cancel monthly after 3 months with no penalties & you keep the TV PLUS box.
  • Price saving of up to CHF 80.- / Month or almost 50% possible (*). Average monthly price of the TV PLUS service is CHF 73.-/month with a 100Mbit/s Internet connection, compared to up to CHF 154 with other providers.
  • Instant, free-of charge activation: by the time you bring it home it is automatically activated. No passwords, no hassle.
  • Fully portable inside Switzerland, you can take your box to your other room or your vacation home and all the recordings are shared (up to 5 boxes per account).

(*) The price savings are calculated for the following case: standard subscription, including all real cost (setup fees, activation, TV box, penalty for early cancellation, etc.) for the first year and a cancellation after 12 months, without any special deals. Status August 2018.

The nice stuff

Cool and easy

Nice and fast to use.

  • Cool product with all the cutting edge features. Pause, 7-day Replay, virtually unlimited recording.
  • Super fast channel switching.
  • Integrated VoD with 5000 films & series, Youtube, Netflix.
  • 4K (UHD) capability.
  • Small, noiseless TV PLUS box, extremely low power consumption.
  • Very simple installation, just 2 or 3 cables and it works.
  • Coming soon: Remote companion app with voice-operated search. The voice-operated search simplifies finding interesting shows to watch.
  • Coming soon: a sports TV package.
  • Designed in Switzerland.

TV PLUS: The Subscription

Simple and clear:

Everything is included!

More than 158 TV channels in the basic package, over 70 are HD.

CHF 24.90 / Month.

+ one-time CHF 99.90 for the TV PLUS box.


No risk: cancel monthly any time after 3 months at no charge!

Learn more:

The TV PLUS subscription includes

All Swiss national TV channels and many regional channels in national languages. Channels from Germany, Italy, France, UK and USA. Over 200 channels total with the optional language packs, over 80 are in HD.

7-days Replay on all channels. Virtually unlimited recordings of 250 shows or ~600-800h. Our on Demand Service with over 5000 movies and TV series. YouTube and Netflix. Media Center for playing your videos, music and photos.

The purchase of a TV-PLUS box is required for this subscription. You can connect up to 5 TV boxes (or mobile apps very soon) in the same location, or anywhere within Switzerland.


Minimum subscription is 3 months. You will be billed monthly. Afterwards you can cancel every month. If you cancel, you keep the TV box and you still can use it for YouTube, Netflix and to play videos, music of watch slideshows from your own local network.

The price includes all content license fees. For legal reasons, the TV PLUS service is only available within Switzerland.

You are not bound to any Internet Service Provider.

Good to know

An Internet connection with minimum 10Mbit/s download speed is required, 30-100Mbit/s is recommended.

When you use the HollyStar Video on Demand service you pay for each movie or series you watch. You can rent a movie for 48 hours or you can purchase a movie and have it available to you for ever. You will be billed monthly together with your TV PLUS subscription.

For Netflix you are required to obtain a Netflix account separately. We recommend to use your computer or tablet to open an account and only to log in on the TV box.

The Options

English Package

28 channels, of which 7 are HD.

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International options

A selection of language packages in different flavors.

Croatian Package

3 channels, one HD

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Bosnian Package

3 channels, one HD

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Polish Package

2 channels

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Turkish Package

9 channels

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The TV Box: TV PLUS Users have fun!

Channel switching time typically 0.4 seconds. Simple User Interface navigation. Informative on-screen display with details of the current show.

User Interface Features

Up to 24h of pause storage. Simple Fast Forward and Rewind functions anywhere in a show. Fast response times. Quick search for more episodes of the same show with the blue button.

Easy to read Electronic program guide. Choose any show up to 7 days in the past and watch it instantly or record it for later. Choose any show up to 7 days into the future and record it for later. Fast navigation with no waiting times.

Record virtually unlimited shows on our Cloud service. Sort recordings by month and date or by title. All information about the shows is preserved and shown as you browse.

A comprehensive search function helps to quickly find interesting content. Search by keywords, or search by selecting Genre, Time and Channel filters without a lot of typing. Very fast searches, typically under 2 seconds.

Integrated Video on Demand service. Pay only as much as you use. Offers 5’000 movies and hundreds of TV Series. Select standard quality or HiQ movie playback.

On board Youtube app. Predefined channels with recommendations. Language sensitive searching / recommendations. Learns from your searches. Full HD playback, also now UHD VP9 playback, depending on the selected video.

And more…

Many more features such as a expandable 2-dimensional Main Menu, channel list with Now/Next information, detailed show info, 3 user-editable Channel Favorites Lists, Netflix, etc. are available. Further information available upon request.

The TV PLUS OTT Quad-core TV Box

New, more powerful, even faster and super-small.  It features 4K HEVC (H.265) decoding with full 4K (UHD) resolution. HEVC format doubles the data compression ratio compared to H.264/MPEG-4 AVC at the same level of video quality.

Based on the powerful ARM Quad Cortex-A9 CPU. Runs on Android 6.0.x . Super small dimensions (104 x 104 x 24 mm). No fans, totally quiet, very low power consumption. Few connections: power, HDMI to your TV and Ethernet for the Internet. WiFi can also be used but we do not recommend it.

Easy-to-use Remote Control with learning capability. You only need one remote!

How to Buy

To enjoy TV PLUS you need to purchase the TV PLUS Starter Package subscription which has the price for the first month already included in the package. Also included is one TV PLUS box.

TV PLUS Starter Package

CHF 24.90 / month

Subscription price for one month.

+ CHF 99.90 one-time

One-time price for the first TV Box.

buy me first!
  • The first TV PLUS Box included with the Starter Package
  • After the first month, you will be billed monthly
  • You can add more TV PLUS boxes and Language Packages
buy me first!

Additional TV PLUS Box

CHF 0.00 / month

The use of total 5 boxes is included in your subscription.

CHF 99.90 one-time

One-time price for any additional TV Box.

Additional Tv box
  • Your account supports up to 5 Boxes
  • All 5 Boxes can watch/record/replay anything at the same time and share the same recordings
  • The additional Boxes can be in your kitchen, bedroom, kid’s room, etc.
get additional box

Language Packages

From CHF 5.25 / month

Choose one or more of the 5 available language packages.

Additional monthly price will be added to your subscription.

choose language pack
  • Choose English, Turkish, Polish, Croatian or Bosnian
  • Each package can be added individually
  • Cancel any language package monthly at any time
  • See the Subscription menu for more details
CHOOSE language pack

During the first month, your TV PLUS subscription price is included in the starter package. You will then be reminded to extend the subscription by entering an appropriate payment method in your account (e.g. PayPal or a Credit Card), or the next month will be charged automatically. You can purchase more TV PLUS boxes (up to 5 on one account) and all the various options at any time. You can buy everything right here online. In 1-2 days you will receive a package in the post. Or, you can visit one of our stores and check out the TV PLUS quality for yourself. Then you walk home with the box, connect it and it just works. No setup, no hassle.

The fine print…

Conditions of Trade

Please read the Conditions of Trade carefully. We know it is a lot of text, but it is important…

Conditions of Trade

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