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You are free.

Simply connect the TV box and enjoy. Whether at home, at your holiday home, spontaneously take the TV box to your friends or use it in your shared apartment. You can use the TV PLUS Box when, where and with whom you want. You can use up to 5 TV boxes at different locations all over Switzerland at the same time, all with the same subscription. Your recordings are accessible from all TV boxes at the same time.

No obligation.

The only offer in the market with a TV box where you are not bound to a specific Internet provider. You are completely free to choose your internet provider. If you want to take out the TV PLUS Internet subscription, you can save up to CHF 482.- a year for TV + Internet.

No risk.

You can cancel at any time free of charge at the end of every month after the first 3 months. You can even keep and continue to use the TV PLUS Box and the Internet router.